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Available positions

Construction Administrator (Road or Bridge)
Activity Sector : Transportation
Reference : 39-0003
Job Type : Full Time - Permanent
Mobility : Yes
Income : TBD
City : Any

Contract Administrator  

Key Responsibilities

  • Administer complex highway and bridge construction contracts.
  • Responsible for CA deliverables and monitor them as per the Consultant agreement to ensure prompt delivery.
  • Ensure CA staff maintain detailed daily diaries of contractor’s work, contract progress and inspection milestones.
  • Ensuring CA staff are trained to a competent level to do the assigned work.
  • Ensure CA staff carries out all survey work required and calculate quantities by horizontal and vertical methods of measurement, for accuracy and contractor payment.
  • Interpret and analyze contractor’s critical path (schedule).
  • Perform and/or supervise quality assurance (QA) acceptance and inspection on structures, grading, concrete, asphalt, electrical and granular. Monitor various weigh scales for accuracy and compliance.
  • Identification, documentation and assessment for rating of deficiencies (deviations from Contractor’s Quality Control Process and or OPSS standards) in the contractor’s work.
  • Review test results and calculate Penalty/Bonus for payment or ensure remedial action occurs.
  • Ensure approved construction materials are used and acquired from approved sources and a record is kept of such materials.
  • Negotiate Price agreements, change orders, claims and work directives for all work that is not covered in the contract documentation.
  • Ensure contractor adheres to contract requirements; e.g. legal, environmental, construction standards, protection of wildlife, etc.
  • Travel and work on contracts throughout Ontario for lengthy periods at a time.


  • Must be certified by OACETT and possess either the Road Construction Contract Administrator (rcca) designation or the RCJI.
  • Have experience administering highway and bridge construction projects or similar type of work pertaining to road and bridge construction.
  • Proven analytical, communication, and negotiation skills.
  • Sound knowledge of design standards, OPS specifications, standard drawings, EEM Vol. 4 CDED Manual, materials and methods associated with bridge/highway/freeway/ATMS construction.
  • Knowledge and skill in interpreting and applying transportation construction practices; procedures and quality assurance techniques.
  • Ability to recognize when extra or additional work is required to facilitate the smooth and uninterrupted construction of a highway and/or bridge project and to meet deadlines of project completion.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of relevant Laws and Regulations (Environmental, Health and Safety, etc.) and their application in construction contracts.
  • Knowledge and ability to utilize required Computer software; i.e. CDS, HDS/InRoads, MS Word, Excel, Access in order to calculate payment and test results.

Please respond to this ad directly to; attaching your resume, hourly rate, ability to travel and to what geographic areas, ability to stay away from home during the week and ability to relocate. Please also provide a copies of your designations, certifications and references. Once received, you may also be asked to sign a consent form to permit WSP to use your resume. Please indicate your agreement to this process.

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